Love Island season three start Courtney Stubbs has revealed that her co-star Aaron Waters “body shamed and skin shamed” her while she was on the reality show.

Courtney took to TikTok to share her side of the story after a promotional video for Aaron Waters’ appearance on Love Island UK was released that shows him insulting her. On day one of Love Island Australia season three, Courtney and Aaron were paired up, however, Aaron made it clear he wasn’t interested in her.

In the new promotional video, which was released a day after Aaron Waters entered the Love Island UK villa alongside former Australian Love Island star Jessie Wynter, Aaron says the first girl he coupled up in the villa was his “least favourite”.

The promo video promoted Courtney to speak for the first time about the bullying she experienced from Aaaron, and how it affected her.

“He bullied me, belittled me, he skin shamed me, he body shamed me. He would constantly tell me to fuck off, shut up the whole show. And, he made it his personal vendetta against me to make sure every single guy felt the same way he felt about me,” she says in the video.

Courtney went into detail about how Aaron specifically skin-shamed and body-shamed her.

“I remember to this day, because it stuck with me. He said to me, ‘I like clean girls, girls. You know, take care of the skin and like skincare and you’re really not into that stuff’. So, he was referring to my acne. I had really bad acne at this point because I had just started my Roaccutane [Accutane] journey and my skin was purging. So I literally had cystic acne on my face, which I obviously I already felt so insecure about going on TV with my skin like that.”

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Aaron allegedly also told Courntney that he liked when girls “look after their bodies” or “go to the gym”, implying that she does neither.

“I literally bawled my eyes out the whole first morning,” Courtney revealed tearfully.

She added, “Whenever I’d speak he’d tell me to shut up. Whenever I would say something he didn’t agree with, which wasn’t even necessarily like, I wasn’t even being mean. I was just like having an opinion about something … He’d just be like, oh, fuck off Courtney.”

The reality star concluded her three part video revelation by questioning why he was allowed to go onto Love Island UK after the way he treated her on the Australia iteration.

“It would just be nice for people to actually know what he’s like. So, maybe this [UK] season will show it because I know ours didn’t because they edited it so well to make him look a certain way.

“Yet, Love sland’s supposed to all be about making sure they take care of your post show then they let him bully me the whole show and afterwards,” she concluded.

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