Maddy may have entered the Love Island Villa as a bombshell and made a very good impression on the male Islanders, however, she’s revealed that she felt “so fat” while on the reality TV show.

The 26-year-old told So Dramatic! that she constantly compared herself to the other women in the villa.

“I just felt so fat compared to the other petite, skinny girls,” she explained. “Every time I would introduce myself to a guy, they would say that their type is ‘petite, skinny and brunette’ and I was like, ‘OK, that’s everything that I am not, great.’ And there are only so many times you can keep taking the criticism before it does take a bit of a blow to the ego.”

She continued: “So after the first few days, I was just like, ‘Okay, great. I feel like shit.’ It’s really hard to keep putting yourself out there and being your best most confident self when you feel like you’re the ugly duckling of the group.”

Maddy called herself “one of the larger women there” and said that her “stomach was so sore from sucking it in all day, every day.”

However, after leaving the villa and watching Love Island back on TV, Maddy questioned why she felt so insecure.

“Looking back on it now. I’m just like, ‘oh my god, why was I so mean to myself in that environment?’ I should not have been like that. I didn’t deserve to treat myself like that in that situation,” Maddy said.

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She added, “I know that now because looking back, I’m like, ‘you’re so hot.” I am so hot. Why did I waste so much time being insecure? It was honestly, not a good move by me,” she admitted. “I think when I feel uncomfortable or I’m doing something new, my default is to second guess myself and second guess my worth.”

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