Luke Heggie has been described as cynical, unashamedly grumpy and a deadpan genius. Those of us who adore that style of comedy can look forward to his latest show, Bush Week.

Fans will be happy to note that the show revisits the style of his precursory work. “It’s a very similar style to my previous two shows, just different content and different subjects. But pretty much exactly the same style. I’m getting up, telling the jokes and that sort of thing.”

Those who plan on seeing Bush Week can look forward to hearing about some of the comedian’s adventures abroad. “It’s pretty much based around dickheads I’ve met in hostels, but I thought against calling the show Dickheads I’ve Met In Hostels. So it’s loosely based on travelling around the world and dealing with the filth of not having any money while you’re doing it.” The name of the show itself seems to have little significance, which adds to the humour of the entire production. Heggie explains, “When you have to name a show, sometimes you’ll name it something generic so you can cram in whatever you want.”

Heggie is an inspiration for any aspiring comic who hasn’t lived and breathed the industry from the age of eighteen. Getting involved at a slightly older age, he says, “… was something to add to the list of stupid things I’ve done. I signed up for RAW Comedy and didn’t think I’d take it any further. But I went pretty well so I just kept going. Now I can’t imagine not doing it … Before I started I’d never set foot in a comedy club. I’d been to a few shows here and there, big names and that sort of thing, but I never knew what was involved. I never knew how many mentals were involved either. There are some crazy people doing it.”

Not being saturated in the comedy world has had additional benefits for the comic. “I haven’t allowed myself to get influenced, and I think subconsciously if you’re watching other comedians too much you might pick up their nuances and some of their jokes so it’s kind of nice not to have that in the back of my mind.”

CatchBush Week at the Harold Park Hotel from Tuesday May 13 to Saturday May 17 as a part of the Sydney Comedy Festival, tickets on sale through Ticketek.

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