After popping up in a few restaurants, Maccas chocolate flavoured soft serve appears to be getting rolled out nationwide.

The chocolate soft serve was initially launched in select stores across NSW, Queensland and South Australia in September.

At the time, Big Brother star Tilly Whitfeld shared a photo on TikTok from a Sydney McDonald’s that was trialing the new soft serve addition.

“We are trialling new chocolate soft serve for a limited time only,” it read. “Try one today.”

However, thousands of Aussies were left confused when they couldn’t find the chocolate soft serve at their local Maccas. Fortunately, it appears as though the fast food giant has been quietly rolling it out all over Australia.

TikTok food blogger Adrian Widjy has revealed in a video that McDonald’s appears to be “expanding [its] chocolate soft serve’s availability and range”.

“Apparently it’s now available in many Macca’s, so check one near you,” he said in the clip.

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“I tried their usual soft serve and their Oreo McFlurry [with chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla], which is even better, 10 out of 10.

“Then the sundae with caramel sauce, nine out of 10. This is my favourite way of eating it!”

@adrianwidjy Ps this was filmed at Waterloo McDonald’s. So what do you think, DOES IT SOFT SERVE? Give these a try and tell me! #placesinsydney #softserve #chocolatesoftserve #mcdonalds #mcdonaldshacks #maccas #maccashack #hacks #lifehacks #applepie #mcflurry #chickennuggets #mcd #waterloo #sydneyfood #sydneyfoodie ♬ mario sound – mandycap

Another food blogger, Cella Food, spotted the popular flavour at Gladesville McDonalds in Sydney and made a video about it. Chocolate Softserve ?!?!? #mcdonalds #chocolatesoftserve #softserve #maccas #secretmenu ♬ Ludacris x Kylie – kate murphy

In the comments section, users pointed out the chocolate flavour is available at Tuart Hill Maccas in Perth and Rowville in Melbourne.  Another user pointed out that the flavour is “coming nationwide”.

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