Macca’s have announced that they are rolling out a new series of chicken range including a long-awaited, delectable Parmi Burger.

Get your tastebuds ready! McDonald’s have confirmed that the Parmi Burger and nine other chicken-y items are set to grace their menus. Even though the rivalry for the shortened spelling of parmigiana is still widely at play, fans of the tasty treat can now have their cravings settled at Macca’s…that is, only until March 3rd.

Sadly, the trial for the Parmi Burger is currently only in South Australia, so if you’re on the East or West coast, you’ll have to book some travel in. But, Macca’s has unveiled nine other items that are on sale nationwide.

From sandwiches to tenders, and new Chicken Salt Shaker Fries, you’re sure to want to get these new items in your mouth before they disappear.

Check out the new McDonald’s menu items:

Chicken Delights: Crunchy chicken bites – perfect for a snack on-the-go.

Chicken Pickle Burger: A classic chicken burger coated in tangy mayo with plenty of pickles on top.

Chicken Salt Shaker Fries: Those classic fries that we are all guilty of shoving in our mouths, but now they are generously coated in coveted chicken salt.

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Chicken Schnitzel Burger: McDonald’s take on the classic Aussie staple chicken schnitty.

Chicken Tenders: Juicy, crunchy, and the complete package.

McSpicy: The spiciest burger that has ever been on Macca’s menu.

Parmi Burger: Exclusive to South Australia, and only until the 3rd of March, its coated in sauce with plenty of cheese.

Spicy Shaker Tenders: Chicken tenders coated in plenty of spices to heat your tastebuds.

Teriyaki Burger: Classic burger taste transformed with a coating of teriyaki sauce, topped with crunchy slaw, and only available through the month of March.

Whatever your craving, McDonald’s is sure to have it with the unveiling of these new menu items. If the idea of the new chicken items isn’t striking your fancy, they have also recently brought a McVeggie burger to their permanent menu (their first vegetarian burger).

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