Former MAFS star KC Osborne has mocked Evelyn Ellis over her claims that she hung out with Justin Bieber back in 2016 and signed an NDA.

Earlier this week, old photos emerged of Evelyn Ellis seated in the back of a car with Justin Bieber leaving a club together. In an interview today, the MAFS star told Fitzy and Wippa she’d signed an NDA so wasn’t able to share much info about her time with the ‘Peaches’ singer.

Now, season seven MAFS star KC Osborne, who is a professional dancer, has weighed in and said that she, too, hung out with Justin Bieber and slammed Evelyn for speaking about the matter.

“Lol! I’ve hung out with Biebs a few times with his crew and never signed a NDA [laughing-crying emoji]. Clearly, this was all about a hook up lol,” KC commented underneath a clip of Evelyn’s interview on Instagram, as per Daily Mail Australia.

When a user asked KC why she was a “hater”, the MAFS alum doubled down on the comment.

“kcosborne_ @ lol yes that’s business hun. Every dancer for every artist would sign a NDA. Not people in his close circle or people that join him for dinner. I’m not hating on anyone | just don’t like it when people talk about hook up stories when the guy is happily married,” she responded.

When the photos first resurfaced on Tuesday, Evelyn stayed relatively tight-lipped about the encounter. However, she finally shared some more information about their run in on Fitzy & Wippa today.

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“So I was this was like my crazy ratbag days,” Evelyn explained on Fitzy & Wippa. “I’m in the clubs like every single night and I think I was like 19,  Beibs and I locked eyes. Yeah, in London and he sent his secci over to grab me. And then he was like Hey, do you want to go to the studio with Beibs? And I was like yeah I do.”

She continued, “I get in the car. Well this like a lot happened before like leading up to that but I get in the car and it was only when I was in the car when I got pat that I realized I was like essentially with like, the biggest pop star in the world. Didn’t really register at the time then I was like, holy sh*t.”

Wippa asked whether Evelyn and Justin Bieber had some drinks together and she confirmed they did.

She added, “I mean, I don’t think he was very happy at this time. Like, I could tell, like, the look in his eyes. He was like, kind of over life, like, over all the noise over like everyone around, like, he could just tell like the aura I got was just very complacent and like, placid.”

Evelyn told the hosts that she signed NDA and had to put her phone in a bucket before she entered she partied with the pop star.

Fitzy asked the MAFS star if Justin Bieber flirted with her, and she replied: “He definitely did flirt with me.” However, she repeated that she’d signed an NDA and wasn’t able to share any more info about her time with the ‘Peaches’ singer.

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