MAFS star Alyssa Barmonde is reportedly planning on leaving Australia following the backlash she’s received from her time on the popular reality TV show.

Alyssa was paired with Duncan on the experiment, and their relationship started strong but began showing cracks after Alyssa demanded more attention. Their hometown date on Duncan’s boat led to a heated argument where Duncan stated their relationship was toxic and Alyssa claimed he couldn’t relate to her because she has a child.

Alyssa’s cold treatment of Duncan wasn’t well received by MAFS fans, and she received a lot of vitriol on social media. A source has told Daily Mail Australia that Alyssa is planning to leave the country because she’s struggling with the backlash she’s experienced.

“Alyssa is planning a holiday. She has been unhappy since the show went to air and just needs to wind down,” the source said.

“She really just wants to move on and forget that she was ever on the show. It has been completely unfair. What we saw on television was not her.”

The news comes just days after Alyssa told the Daily Telegraph that she’s “coincidently” lost her job just weeks after the final episode of MAFS aired.

Speaking of experiencing harassment and mean messages online, Alyssa told the publication: “It was really dark for a couple of months.”

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she added, “It’s unreal, some of the messages people sent to me on my personal phone number and business accounts. You can chat about your opinion of me in this highly edited show in person and on social media, but if you find my number, and write up the most vile message I’ve ever seen and hit send, that’s intent to hurt. It’s not on.”

She revealed that she’s now seeing her long-time therapist and increasing her anxiety medication to cope with the aftermath of her reality TV experience.

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