The drama at their wedding was apparently not the end of the mess that is the Bronte-Harrison relationship on MAFS

Well, MAFS 2023 is certainly off to a strong start. At the centre of this messy season is one couple in particular: Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon.

Minutes after they got married, The Bachelor star Jessica Tomlinson – who was a guest at the ceremony – dropped a huge bomb on Schofield: Harrison had allegedly been seeing Tomlinson’s co-star up until the day of the wedding. Not a good position to be for anyone, we’d say.

But that’s not the end of the drama, however. According to So Dramatic!, Bronte and Harrison’s honeymoon was even more of a mess.

According to an insider who spoke to the publication, Boon allegedly didn’t live up to his name, at least when it came to bedroom activities. “Let’s just say Bronte wasn’t exactly pleased with Harrison’s performance. She makes that very clear. She calls him a ‘pump and dump’ and said it was over in two seconds.” The insider alleged.

The insider went on to add: “She felt like there was no intimate connection and she felt like a root and boot, not a wife.” This allegedly did not sit well with Boon, who was less than happy with his wife’s criticism. “He blames her and says it’s because he’s not sexually attracted to her. Then they are at war again.” Apparently, this ‘ping-pong’ will last the season.

Tensions between Bronte and Harrison allegedly reached another high when he reacted poorly to Bronte’s admission of a previous miscarriage. During one of the better patches of their honeymoon, Bronte allegedly thought she could trust Boon enough to open up to him, only for Harrison to allegedly call her ‘fake’ and a liar.

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“He thought she had concocted a fake story for sympathy for the show, but it was all legit,” the source alleged. “Bronte was really hurt by that and then it’s like one step forward, three steps back for them.”

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