Harrison Boon’s leaked MAFS video diary has exposed Bronte, suggesting that she wanted to drag their relationship out for as long as she could.

In the tape, which was posted to Instagram account MAFSGossip today, Harrison tells the camera that when he tried to ask Bronte about what living together would look like, she repeatedly changed the subject and said that they should talk about it later.

“I wanted to delve into what living together might look like and how the move would happen and all of the things that are associated with a relationship and a big move like that. Bronte basically said: I don’t want to discuss it right now. I just want to sort of sort this out at final vows or over the next couple of weeks,” he tells the camera.

Harrison said he accepted Bronte’s decision to wait to talk about the issue, but bought it up again later when they were out to dinner.

“I brought it up again and said, “I’ve got a couple of queries or concerns about you moving from Perth [to Sydney]. You’ve never lived away from your parents,” he says.

He adds: “Your sister told me on the friends and family day that you would never live apart, if you were to move, Kira [Bronte’s sister] would also move.”

“I was basically questioning… The logistics and the realities of moving and what that would look like. And Bronte shut the conversation down and said, ‘why do we have to talk about this now? Why can’t we talk about this in a couple of weeks?”

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Harrison says that Bronte got emotional when he told her that they needed to talk about it now as final vows were only a few weeks away.

“Bronte essentially shut that down again. [She] got quite emotional and said ‘I want to go home’. I was like, ‘okay, like, that’s really weird response to this conversation, but okay’. So I actually left the venue with her. I drove her home. I made sure she got home safe.”

Throughout the current season, Bronte and Harrison has been caught up in a number of dramas. In the premiere episode, he was confronted by his bride Bronte who was told that he had a girlfriend outside of the experiment. In the scene, Harrison admitted to sleeping with a woman he had a crush on days before filming his wedding. Since then Harrison has gotten a women’s number at the bar, and both Bronte and Harrison have been accused by other contestants of faking their relationships.

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