MAFS star Jesse Burford has slammed the “angel” edit he says his TV ex Claire Nomarhas has received, calling her a “super villain”.

Jesse and Claire were paired up on the show, and the groom was painted as somewhat of a villain at the start over his length “ick list” and for complaining about how much Claire talks. However, the tables turned when Claire “cheated” on her husband Jesse and made out with another groom, Adam. Both Claire and Adam denied the affair to their partners, but it later came out when Claire confessed to her then TV husband Jesse.

In previous seasons of MAFS, husbands and wives who have an affair outside of their relationships have been portrayed negatively on the show and been widely criticised by the public. However, despite her dalliance, Claire received a fairly favourable edit during her time on the show.

“For some reason, they chose her [Claire] to be the angel of the season,” he said to Daily Mail Australia, adding that she behaved like a “super villain”.

He continued, “It’s almost criminal. The imbalance and the injustice, I can’t even explain it.”

Jesse said that he began to watch the season back he was surprised by his negative portrayal, especially because he already knew about Claire’s betrayal.

“I was shocked watching our relationship play out on screen,” he said. “I remember thinking to myself, ‘I don’t have to worry one bit about if I’m going to be a villain, because [Claire] just said some crazy stuff’.

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“And there I am watching our honeymoon six months later, and they’re showing none of it!”

Adam and his partner Janelle left the show fairly soon after his affair with Claire was revealed. However, Claire and Jesse tried to work through their issues but they eventually left the show as Jesse couldn’t forgive Claire for what she did.

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