MAFS star Jessica Power has doubled down on her choice to wear Balenciaga this week, in light of their recent backlash over two recent ad campaigns involving children.

The luxury brand came under fire for releasing advertisements that pictured young children holding onto teddy bears dressed in bondage harnesses and costumes. After the scandal emerged, it was discovered that Balenciaga previously released a campaign that featured photos that include paperwork about child pornography laws.

The campaigns have received massive backlash, with Kanye West and Bethenny Frankel speaking out against the brand and Bella Hadid deleting all Balenciaga related posts from her social media.

Kim Kardashian also spoke out against the campaign, saying, “The safety of children must be held with the highest regard and any attempts to normalize child abuse of any kind should have no place in our society — period,” she told her 74.2 million Twitter followers on Sunday.

“I appreciate Balenciaga’s removal of the campaigns and apology. In speaking with them, I believe they understand the seriousness of the issue and will take the necessary measures for this to never happen again.”
Despite the public backlash, Jessica Power sported a Balenciaga top on her Instagram story earlier this week. It appears that the reality star received some push back over her clothing choice, as she took to her Instagram story to defend the decision.
“I don’t even know why I even have to explain this. I wore a Balenciaga shirt last night,” she said.

“My inboxes have been flooded with people going like, ‘I can’t believe you’re supporting the brand’ [and] ‘I can’t believe that you’re wearing it’.”

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She added: “I don’t know what’s really going on… But it was the only thing that I could find that would go with my outfit. I’m not supporting anything. I don’t even know what you guys think I’m supporting.”

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