Olivia has finally admitted that co-star Dom didn’t wave a smashed glass in her face during the filming of MAFS.

The scandal was a polarising storyline on the hit reality TV show. The incident saw MAFS viewers witness a heated debate between the two brides, during which Olivia criticised Domenica’s voice and way of speaking. Domenica smashed a wine glass at the table in frustration, before storming off.

Olivia then relayed the story to the group of reality participants and told them that Domenica “smashed a glass in her face” and used it like a “weapon”. Olivia went as far as to call the incident “assault”.

However, it was clear to viewers that Domenica didn’t actually wave the glass in Olivia’s face, but rather smashed it on the table and then put it down.

Regardless, throughout the entire season of MAFS, Olivia repeatedly stressed that Dom did, in fact, wave the glass in her face.

Now, the reality star is setting the story straight by admitting that she lied during a Q&A with fans (via So Dramatic!).

“Do you think Dom waved the smashed glass if your face?” A follower asked Olivia.

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Olivia replied, “She stood up, she said something and then she threw it down in front of Ella. So, no she didn’t wave it in my face. That was just adrenaline. She had me shit scared, and I got it wrong.”

During an appearance on HIT FM’s Hughesy, Ed and Erin in May, Dave Hughesy Hughes suggested Domenica could “sue” Olivia for continuing the narrative.

“Look Hughesy, I’m not going to comment on that because there’s things in the background happening,” Domenica said in response.

“Are you seeking legal action? Have you considered that or have you started that?” Erin Molan asked the reality star.

“Yeah, I’m seeking legal advice and counsel and I can’t say anything further,” Domenica replied.

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