If you’ve been watching the current season of The Challenge Australia, you’ll know that there’s a very obvious divide between The Bachelor cast members and those who weren’t on the dating show.

Former MAFS star Ryan Gallagher, who was eliminated on Monday night’s episode of The Challenge, elaborated on the separation.

“The cameras were just capturing exactly what we were talking about or how life was actually going. There’s no acting, there are no scripts or anything,” he told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“There were a lot of times before I left where it was very difficult for us with them downstairs doing movie nights and drinking and not including us with birthday cakes and everything and we were just in the room. It wasn’t a fun situation to be in,” he added.

Sugar, who is an award winning boxer and was eliminated alongside Ryan, agreed with her co-star, saying that she and her minority alliance, Ryan, Emily and Grant were excluded from the rest of the group.

“I’m pretty big on energies and I could just feel the tension between everyone,” she details. “When Ryan, Emily, Grant and myself were sort of in one spot, everyone else would be in another spot. Especially when say, Ryan would walk across the oval, no one would say anything.

“It was pretty crazy. The tension was full-on in the house.”

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On Monday night’s episode, Ryan was locked in a war of words with The Bachelorette star Konrad Bien. The two men screamed and berated each other while the rest of the group jumped in between them. Ryan said scenes like this reflected badly on him, but aren’t a true representation of his character.

“I came across pretty bad on the show, but that’s the unfortunate part. I’m not that person,” he asserts. “I’ve been in media for five, six years and nothing’s ever come out like that until this bloody show.

“Yes, there were arguments and everything, but those arguments were started for very good reasons. It wasn’t just me being a lunatic or an a**hole. There was reasoning behind it.

“There’s a lot more context,” he continues. “I take a lot to get wound up like that. It takes a real lot to do that and bullying is one thing I don’t like.”

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