MAFS star Shannon Adams’ has made it clear that he’s still in love with his ex-girlfriend Jamea Drake despite being ‘married’ to Caitlyn McConville on the popular reality show.

Last night, viewers were outraged when they watched the reality blame his TV wife for being the reason he wanted to go back to his ex who he shares a daughter with.

Now, Jamea has broken her silence, begging fans to stop leave her and her family out of the social media vitriol that’s been aimed at her in regards to her ex’s actions.

“I am the ex, I am in this group and have been a few years. (Was a MAFS lover, Defs not my year),” she wrote in a Facebook group.

She continued, “I don’t care what you say about Shannon either he signed up for it and put himself there, but PLEASE leave me out of the negativity. I DID NOT sign up on the show, I didn’t go on and I am literally collateral damage. I have NO benefit in being in the media or put there, and truthfully not my cup of tea I could no give a hoot about my followers or socials.”

“I am a mum, I am a person with real feelings. Plus my life is HELLLLA stressful as it is, this is my REAL life and not a show. All information will be revealed whether it’s on MAFS or after it’s done, also I’m only seeing what’s on MAFS an hour behind as I’m in QLD so lots is a shock to me too. But please remember me and my daughter are innocent, Shan and I have 7 years and a kid and lots of stuff happens behind the scenes/before and after. Please keep everything in mind.
and after.”

Jamea finished the post by saying that she’s going to stop going on social media in an act to protect herself and her family.

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“I’m going to take a huge step back from social media (well trying to) as I am literally terrified of this whole entire situation! I’m sensitive soul who has so so much empathy.”

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