On Wednesday night’s episode of MAFS, a bitter fight between newlyweds Janelle Han and Adam Seed played out over the groom’s apparent lack of career aspirations.

During the episode, Janelle, who is a beauty YouTuber, repeatedly asked Adam what he did for work, and raised concerns that he wasn’t financially stable or career driven after he explained that he runs an online competition website.

It’s since been revealed that Adam is the co-founder of a website called Meta Competitions, along with his best mate. Basically, customers buy tickets to go into a prize draw competition, and the two founders announce and contact the winner during a Facebook Live.

A crafty Redditor has done some digging and calculated the sale number by entry price and said that they believe that the UK base competition website has only made about $600.

“Based on the info available on Adam’s Meta Competition website, it has seen sales worth £395.53 (AUD $684.74). Now, I can’t say whether all the sales are listed in full. I don’t know whether there are any additional streams of income. But the number above is what you get when you multiply sales numbers by the entry price,” they wrote on the forum.

However, on the same episode of MAFS, Adam told producers that Janelle had “no idea” about how much he had made in cryptocurrency, and insinuated that he’s made a substantial amount of money off trading.

Though it’s early days, Adam and Janelle’s relationship certainly hasn’t been short on drama. Aside from their career-related fight, Janelle developed concerns when Adam told her that he’d cheated on his long-term ex in a previous relationship.

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It’s since been reported that Adam actually cheated on his ex, who was his fiance, one week before they were meant to get married.

For more on this topic, follow the Reality TV Observer.

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