Former MAFS villain Dean Wells has taken it upon himself to inform his 95,000 followers that he’s not vaccinated against COVID-19, and strongly hinted that he doesn’t intend on getting the jab.

Wells took to his stories to conduct a Q&A session with his followers, and during the chat he shared that despite recovering from a recent bout of COVID-19, he isn’t vaccinated.

“It’s a sad situation that we’re in that I have to be worried about sharing that information, but fuck it. Truth is, I’m not vaxxed,” the Married at First Sight star told his followers and fans.

“I didn’t get it. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy, I just wanted my own natural immunity to deal with it and I don’t trust the big pharma companies really.

“I’m glad we have a vax, it seems to be working. I think now that we have so many people vaccinated and people are dealing with it with natural immunity, we shouldn’t have vax passports anymore.”

Wells also opened up about his recent diagnosis of the infectious disease.

“I think I had a respiratory infection by the name of COVID-19 that was very similar to a respiratory infection I had about 20 years ago, gave me about the same symptoms and same trouble,” he said.

“I was sick for about eight days, 10 days – five days really bad. It’s pretty bad. I had pretty bad headaches and just no energy. I’d get out of bed for 30 seconds and would want to get back in bed. That part lasted like three days.”

He added: “Now after getting it and getting quite sick from it, I’m like, ‘Why aren’t we looking into where this came from?’ That’s the key factor. Where the hell did it come from, and why aren’t we putting all our time and resources into finding that out?”

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