Listen, we’re not gonna lie to you: the Australian marriage equality plebiscite has been one long, slow, unrelenting shitshow; a glorified display of everything vulgar, and backwards, and disingenuous about this bloody country. It has clearly revealed that the stale humane farts we call conservative politicians are willing to do anything – even pay for a wasteful, non-binding utterly useless plebiscite – in order to get out of enacting the will of the Australian people.

But, thank god, it’s finally over: tomorrow, Wednesday November 15, will be the day that the results are finally released. That means we only have a matter of hours until we know whether it’s time to celebrate, or if it’s time to discard this vapid cesspool of ignorance and bigotry we call a country once and for all.

If it’s the former (which the majority of polls suggest it certainly will be), then you’re in luck: the Lansdowne are throwing a Yass! party featuring DJs from Girlthing and Australia’s “premier and original tribute lip syncing group” The Magda Szubanskis. Oh, and it’s free, too.

Head down from 2pm.

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