With a career best known for his beloved portrayal as the sarcastic Chandler Bing in all 10 seasons of Friends, Matthew Perry brought immense joy and laughter to the world. As we celebrate his enduring legacy following the devastating news of his passing over the weekend, here are five of his funniest Friends moments that will live on forever in reruns.

When Chandler Got Stuck in an ATM Vestibule With Jill Goodacre

During a city-wide power outage, Chandler finds himself stuck in a bank vestibule with supermodel Jill Goodacre. His comedic internal monologues and overthinking are pure gold, like when he awkwardly suggests that “Gum would be perfection” and then almost chokes to death.

When Chandler Tried a Bubble Bath

In this episode, Chandler is very stressed, so Monica tries to get him to relax by taking baths, resulting in many hilarious moments due to Chandler’s reputation for being high-strung and anxious. This loveable performance earned Perry an Emmy nomination.

When Chandler Started Smoking Again

This classic Chandler Bing moment happens in the show’s third episode when his old smoking habit resurfaces. While helping Joey practise for an audition and demonstrating how to smoke a cigarette, his iconic “Ohhh my godddd” reaction recalls his past smoking habit and showcases his unmatched comedic timing.

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When Chandler Was Transferred to Yemen

Chandler goes to great lengths to avoid Janice, even making up a story about being transferred to work in Yemen. The humour in this scene peaks with Chandler’s memorable line, “I’m going to Yemen,” and Matthew Perry’s doomed expressions are priceless.

When He Became Miss Chanandler Bong

This all-time classic Friends scene features Monica and Rachel losing their apartment to Joey and Chandler in a trivia game. Their humorous blunder is answering “Chandler” instead of the correct “Miss Chanandler Bong” to the question of who receives the TV Guide. Perry delivers the joke as a zingy one-liner, making it an iconic moment for fans.

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