People in Melbourne are claiming that they aren’t being notified when attending an exposure site after the Service Victoria app allegedly failed to record their QR code check-in.

TikToker @becislame was out last week at Yah Yah’s in Fitzroy with some friends for the venue’s Thursgay event.

On the following Sunday (December 5), one of her friends that went to the venue with her had texted her asking if she received a message from the Victorian DHHS.


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According to the screenshot seen in the TikTok, allegedly sent by her friend, the text reads: “This is a message from the Victorian Department of Health. You may have been exposed to COVID-19 at this location – Yah Yah’s – FITZROY on 2/12/2021.”

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As of when the TikTok was uploaded – six days after going to Yah Yah’s and three days after her friend notified her of the exposure site – Bec still hadn’t received a message from the Victorian Department of Health.

“If it was just me, I’d say it’s a mistake, that’s understandable,” she said. But out of the five mates to went to the event, only two had received any information from the government at that time about the situation.

The lack of communication from the Victorian Department of Health appears to be tur to a technical error with the Service Victoria app. Bec, along with others in the comments of her TikTok, claims that Yah Yah’s isn’t listed in her app’s visit history, despite claiming that she and all of her friends had checked into the venue at the door.

Service Victoria check-in history
@becislame / TikTok

“Anyone who’s been to Thursgays or Yah Yah’s will know that as soon as you get there they watch you check-in and show them your vaccine certificate,” she said. “Once you’ve done both, they give you a stamp. It’s the only way you can go in.”

Bac has called the fact that many people who had done the right thing and don’t even know that the venue is an exposure site “ridiculous”.

“I should be able to go on a night out, check-in the way I’ve been told to and be able to get that information back if something like this does happen. It’s not the venue’s fault – they did everything right.”

If you’ve discovered that you have visited an exposure site, we recommend getting a test ASAP. You can find a list of same day COVID-19 test locations in VIC here.

For more on this topic, check out the Health and Wellness Observer.

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