MAFS star Melinda Willis has admitted that she hired out a cinema for her and her friends to watch her first episode of the reality show, which aired last night.

Although MAFS season ten began last Monday, Melinda appeared for the first time in last night’s episode when she married her TV husband Layton.

During a chat on Fitzy & Wippa, the hosts asked Melinda what she did for the first episode, and asked how her friends and family feel about her negative portrayal so far on the show.

“We hired out of cinema to watch it in full Mel style,” she said, adding: “And everyone was quite shocked. So but then they did find sarcastic sense of humor that I have, like people know me, you know, whereas a lot of these, I guess I’m gonna take some time for them to get to know me and appreciate kind of my sarcasm that at first, it feels a bit brutal and, and kind of looks a bit like whoa. But I think I’ll grow on people.”

Melinda went on to admit that she was hoping to meet her soul mate at the altar, and was disappointed by her match up with Layton.

“I just honestly thought ‘I’m gonna meet my soulmate. I’m gonna know instantly and everything is just gonna be like fireworks’. And obviously, it didn’t go that way. And then when the kiss came like the first kiss, he actually missed my lips and he got the corner of my kind of chin, so you see see me wipe it.

“And then when we go in for the photoshoot and it’s like, you know that slow mo? I mean, my eyes are open because I’m just like so awkward and I just hated it, like I’ve gotta get out of this.”

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