Tasmanian brewer Moo Brew has invented what they are touting as a world first — and who are we to question this? — the Moo Brew Can Roulette Vending Machine.

As they explain, “To drink one of the new Moo Brew cans you must play a game of Roulette – tap your card, pull the lever, and wait as the retro-fitted vending machine clunks, whirrs, and selects a beer from the six core Moo Brew styles. If you’re really unlucky, you’ll receive the singular non-Moo Brew tinny hidden in the machine.”

The vending machine will be unveiled at The Newtown Hotel on Thursday evening at 5pm, and will be available for you to tinker on for a limited time, before being shipped back to Tassie.

The machine was designed and created by Sydney’s FINCH company. Director of Technology, Emad Tahtouh, says of the commission: “Every once in awhile, an opportunity to build something wonderful and fantastical presents itself, which is just too good to pass up. When Moo Brew asked us to design and build a Russian Roulette inspired vending machine, where customers could put their beer selection in the hands of fate, how could we resist?”

Check out the machine, and the can designs below.

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