More Instagram influencers have come out against the car-crash that is Netflix’s upcoming series Byron Baes and the drama is just too good. 

As per Pedestrian.TV, one couple are so upset that they’ve threatened legal action against the show. Sally Mustang actually auditioned initially for Byron Baes with her fellow influencer and friend Montana Lower.

Sally’s husband Mitch Gobel spilled the tea to News Corp: “They said it was going to be this amazing documentary about new age Byron Bay, how it’s changing and why everyone wants to be here and blah blah blah, so Sal agreed to do an audition.”

It was only when Montana got accepted to join the cast that they discovered the true meaning of the show. “Montana was accepted to be part of the show, This is when they sent through a full brief describing what was going to be created and after reading it she (politely) told them to f**k off,” Gobel said “I’ve threatened legal action on behalf of Sal if they publish a single second of what was captured in the audition she did.”

Gobel clearly isn’t expecting much from Byron Baes, saying it will just be about a “bunch of idiots obsessed with Instagram”, calling it “superficial rubbish” that doesn’t capture the true nature of the Byron Bay community. I’m sure Gobel has a point but also what did he expect from a show with ‘Baes’ in its name? Just look at some of the cast members too.

It’s just the latest setback before the show’s even started. Byron Bay businesses have refused access to their stores to the show’s producers. Local residents hosted an emergency meeting to combat the show. Musician Billy Otto spoke out on how he was mislead into auditioning under false pretences.

They’ve also been accused of not consulting local Indigenous groups or the Byron Council before commencing filming earlier this year. I think I’ll stick to rewatching Love Island, thanks.

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