Hamish Blake and Andy Lee’s self-titled has received almost one million listeners, earning them the title of the most popular podcast in Australia.

According to the Australian Podcast Ranker, the podcast had 960,488 monthly listeners and 2,258,540 monthly downloads.

Audiobloom’s Casefile True Crime took out the second spot with 922,162 monthly listeners last month and 2,244,927 monthly downloads.

Back in March 2020, the comedic duo spoke to Mumbrella about why they were making the switch from radio to podcasting.

“The real difference is – and this isn’t taking away from all the people that were with us and listening on the journey for radio – but the real difference is that by definition with the podcast, because people are opting in, they listen to the beginning, middle and end of the show.”

“So the listeners that we have, listen to every section that’s being produced. They’re so deep, and the knowledge they have of the show is so deep, and that is so much fun for us, because it’s a way stickier relationship with your audience than people that will listen to you when they happen to be in the car, but no-one’s listening to the entirety of every breakfast or drive show. But people do listen to the entirety of every podcast,” they said.

Hamish and Andy’s podcast has jumped around the rankings in recent years. In 2019 it was number one, before slipping to number 8 in 2020 and then battling it out with Casefile True Crime for the top spot.

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Hamish and Andy hosted their first radio show together in 2003, The Almost Tuesdays Show. The pair’s undeniable chemistry made the show a hit and was the start of an extremely successful career for the two men.

Blake and Lee went from strength to strength and hosted five more different prime time radio shows together up until 2017. They have also hosted multiple hit TV shows and cemented themselves as two of Australia’s most popular comedians of all time.

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