When Shakespeare said, “Hell is empty. And all the devils are here,” he was prophesizing this. Doritos have unleashed a new flavour that can only be seen as a rebellion against morality. If you truly, profoundly despise yourself, you’ll now be able to indulge in Mountain Dew flavoured corn chips.

We never thought that incel representation would hit our supermarket shelves, but these are dark days.

“We are excited to be launching this global first for Doritos here in Australia,” shared Doritos Brand Manager, Eric Burke.

“To create this unique flavour, we partnered with our beverages and research and development teams to ensure we got the flavour just right – and we think our consumers are going to love the result.”

I’m not entirely convinced that this isn’t an elaborate government conspiracy in which they’re trying to keep tabs on those that could pose threats as future hacktivists. It is the only explanation that makes sense to me. Surely there is no market for this depraved collaboration outside those deeply entrenched in the world of 4chan.

Call it a product of iso-brain but these past few months have seen a rise in truly innovative flavour drops.

OAK recently announced three very silly flavours. They’ve teamed up with lolly lieges at Allen’s on three milk’s inspired by their classic treats. You’ll now be able to guzzle your little heart out with Peppermint Crisp, Pineapples, and Fantale flavoured milk.

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Krispy Kreme also recently unveiled three new flavours based on beloved Australian desserts, chocolat mud cake, caramel slice, and raspberry cheesecake.

Whilst Kit Kat has added two new flavours to their four-bar repertoire with Gooey Caramel and Mint Cookie Fudge.