Movement is a group that continues to surprise. First it was the speed with which they burst onto the scene – taking them just two years to fill the hole of sophisticated R&B in Sydney’s music scene. Now, their self-titled EP breathes an air of maturity that I was certainly not expecting this early in the piece.

Movement is more ambient than earlier releases, with slow jams and less electropop. It channels James Blake more than SBTRKT; Jai Paul more than Sampha.

But there’s certainly evidence of all these artists’ influence across the EP. ‘Control You’ showcases an effortless Lewis Wade croon to a stripped-back and soulful Blake beat. ‘Like Lust’is an obvious highlight. It’s the initial twangy guitar that makes you think Darkside, which is then sidelined for the catchiest of vocal lines – by far the best on the record. ‘Ivory’and ‘5:57’ both exude squelchy, unrelenting bass that drive a solid rhythm – and bring some of the poppier elements to the EP.

Movement have proved themselves too good to remain Sydney’s best-kept secret. They’ve shown they can easily mix it with the best, and I wouldn’t want to wait too much longer for a debut record. This is a sound no-one can get enough of.


Movement is out now through Modular.

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