PERi-PERi overlords Nando’s have unveiled a new range that reimagines the unsurpassed chicken and mushroom combination with a signature Nando’s twist.

No flavour profile on this green earth evokes feelings of fondness quite like the humble union of chicken and mushroom. Whether it elicits memories of devouring the classic chicken and mushroom sauce combo with your friends at your local; or harks back to your mum’s failed attempt at making risotto, the union of the flavours strikes a chord in the hearts of all of us.

The legends over at Nando’s have taken these two harmonious elements and given them a signature spicy twist. Nando’s new Chick ‘n’ Shroom is a heavenly meeting of 24-hour marinated grilled chicken in your choice of PERi-PERi basting plus grilled mushrooms, cheddar cheese, smoky chilli aioli, fresh as heck tomato, and crisp lettuce.

The limited-edition range comes in burger, pita or wrap form, catering for all folks with different strokes.

Nando’s are the hallmark of PERi-PERi greatness. Their signature sauce is made from a blend of their own, bespoke chillies — the Nando’s African Bird’s Eye. The chilli is a variety of the African Bird’s Eye Chilli that is totally unique to their restaurants. It’s 2019, babe, this is the year of consuming exclusive sauce.

If you can’t handle the heat, fear not, we’re not here to judge you. Nando’s have developed their chilli to blend seamlessly in a range of sauces with varying heat levels — BBQ, Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot and Extra Hot.

For $12 you’ll be able to wrap around this marvellous creation and a regular side. The brand new Chick ‘n’ Shroom range will only be available at restaurants for a limited time. Don’t hesitate, or else you’ll risk depriving yourself of this sumptuous experience.

Now that’s legendary.. and soon to be gone. Nando’s.

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