Neighbours is set to wrap up after nearly four decades on our screens tonight, and it’s going out with a plotline that honours the show’s most iconic character, Jarrod ‘Toadfish’ Rebecchi. 

As for what’s set to go down in the last-ever episode, apparently, we’ll finally see Toadie find his happily ever after (again) as he walks down the aisle with Melanie Pearson.

If you’ve been a longtime fan of the show, you’d know that anything to do with the Neighbours icon’s love life is slightly anxiety-inducing, as basically every one of his dalliances has ended tragically.

Ahead of tonight’s finale, join us as we reminisce on sweet Toadie’s cursed relationships – and hope that he finally finds his happily ever after.

And if you’re keen to watch the emotional ep as it airs, you can catch the 90-minute special 10 and 10 Peach on Thursday, July 28 at 7.30pm, or watch it live online at 10Play.

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Dee Bliss

neighbours dee

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Toadfish found love with Dee Bliss (played by Madeleine West), with the pair tying the knot in a “romantic ceremony”.

Unfortunately, the wedded bliss was short-lived, as Toadie accidentally drove their car off a cliff following the ceremony and Dee was presumed dead as her body was never found.

She was presumed dead for over a decade, until she seemingly returned from the dead in the form of Andrea – who turned out to actually be Dee’s twin sister who was separated at birth.

Oh, it also turned out Dee was alive the whole time too.

Sonya Rebecchi

sonya neighbours

Fans were ecstatic when Toadie found love again with Sonya. They watched as the pair fell in love, got married and had a daughter, Nell, before once again, fate had other plans.

In an unforgettable moment that went down in Neighbours history, Sonya’s doctors confirmed that her ovarian cancer had spread to her brain, and after one last road trip, she died in Toadie’s arms as she watched her children play at the beach. DEVASTATING!

Steph Scully


After Dee faked her death, Jarrod found love again. This time, it was with his friend and long-term crush, Steph Scully.

Unfortunately for old Toads, they never made it down the aisle (… kind of).

On the day of the wedding, Steph took a while to enter the church and struggled to read her vows. Toadie then realised Steph did not want to marry him and broke it off at the last minute,

After that fiasco, Steph, who had become knocked up after a one-night stand with Dan, husband of her best friend Libby, convinced Toadie to enter a sham marriage with her, which ended as one would expect.

Melanie Pearson

neighbours toadie

Let’s hope this is finally Toadie’s happy ending!

While the Neighbours finale is set to see the Toadster and Melanie (Lucinda Cowan) finally tie the knot, in the lead-up, Mel got a case of cold feet.

“A part of her wonders if she can live up to the memory of Sonya,” Lucinda told TV WEEK. “And, let’s face it, Sonya is a constant reminder.”

However, the pair soon realised that what they have is too good to give up on.

“Toadie realises Mel is the most kind, authentic and beautiful soul,” Ryan Moloney told TV WEEK.

“It’s quite spontaneous, but what are they waiting for?”

Lucinda added, “It’s not what she was expecting, but she knows Toadie wouldn’t have asked her if he didn’t really mean it.”

“It’s exactly how he wanted it to be,” Ryan shared of the wedding. “He’s surrounded by the people who have moulded him into the man he is. And it’s a full-on love-fest!”

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