Netflix is slinging us docos left right and centre. And truth be told, we’re so here for it.

The latest subject to be given the Netflix doco treatment is none other than movie rental chain, Blockbuster.

The doco looks to hit the rewind button and transport us back to the simpler times of scouring your local video rental store for fresh releases or cult classics.

While the doco will naturally tap into ’90s nostalgia, it will also specifically focus on the world’s last Blockbuster store, located in Bend, Oregon, hence its title: The Last Blockbuster.

In true doco form, The Last Blockbuster will feature interviews from fans, employees and related business people.

Last year the world’s last Blockbuster store actually made headlines for being transformed into an Airbnb venue.

The store was turned into an Airbnb by its former store manager, Sandi Harding who was keen to show her appreciation for the store’s regulars who helped keep the Blockbuster afloat.

She turned the store into looking like a set straight out of a hypothetical ’90s movie where a bunch of kids have the best sleepover of their lives at their local Blockbuster. It’s even complete with a pull-out couch, bean bags, VHS tapes and video games.

Turning our attention back to the upcoming doco, the film’s official Facebook page released a statement about its imminent release. They wrote, “A lot of people know that Blockbuster had the chance to buy Netflix early on and they passed on the opportunity.. In an ironic twist of fate, our movie The Last Blockbuster is coming to Netflix one week from today. 3/15.”

They continued, “We are beyond excited for people to get to see this tribute to era of home video on the world’s largest streaming service. Just don’t forget to rewind it when you’re done watching it and bring it back by noon on wednesday.”

Check out the official trailer for ‘The Last Blockbuster’ coming to Netflix soon.

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