As I type this, New Found Glory are sitting on an aeroplane enjoying a hearty meal of processed meat, mash, and a delicious fruit cup, as they make their way to Perth for the first date on their Australian ’20 Years Of Pop Punk’ tour.

Fans of the band will have already snapped up tickets to their show, but if you missed out due to financial, spiritual, or organisational reasons, you can catch the boys at Utopia Records this Friday for an in-store signing.

It starts at 5pm, but you’ll probably want to fake a headache halfway through the working day, leave at around 3pm and head on over to beat the rush.

POP PUNK INSTORE ALERT!!!The cat's outta the bag on this one folks (who keeps putting cats in bags anyway? What's…

Posted by Utopia Records onSunday, August 6, 2017

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