If you’ve been craving an update to you trusty Nintendo Switch console, new reports are suggesting that 2022 might be your year.

According to anonymous sources speaking with Bloomberg, Nintendo is expecting sales of its beloved Switch console to be boosted by an updated version that features an incredibly pretty OLED display.

Dubbed by many as the Switch Pro, these rumours have been circulating for quite some time. The new iteration is also expected to allow 4K output to modern televisions.

If you recall, the original Switch made its way to our shores back in 2017, meaning it’s high time we start hearing about its successor. Fingers crossed it will be a lot bloody easier to nab than a PlayStation 5.

Arguably the most interesting development within Bloomberg’s report, however, is that this will all happen by the end of Nintendo’s fiscal year – due to conclude in March 2022. According to the mysterious sources, the launch would help keep Switch’s sales flat or even slightly higher.

Elsewhere in the article, it’s believed that “a series of marquee game releases” is also expected for the next fiscal year, with a forecast of 250 million sales. Considering the Japanese video game company’s current year was set at 205 million, that’s a pretty bonkers increase.

Watch the trailer for Mario Golf: Super Rush on Nintendo Switch below:

It also makes us wonder what games Nintendo is hiding in its back pocket. We already have confirmation of a rather varied line-up for the rest of this year. That includes New Pokémon Snap, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and Mario Golf Super Rush.

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But is there more? How about word on the Metroid Prime sequel that seems to have entered development hell. Or the highly-anticipated Breath of the Wild 2.

Maybe temper your expectations for the latter. We’ve been burnt before.