NFTs are the latest tech obsession willed into existence to mangle the brains of crypto-illiterate bimbos like myself.

Over the past few months musicians like Grimes, Kings of Leon and Shaun Mendez have all ventured into the NFT game. In the case of Grimesthe musician auctioned off her first-ever collection of crypto art, the WarNymph Collection Vol.1.

The musician flogged 10 exclusive pieces of digital artwork presented in the form of NFTs — all were snapped up in around 20 minutes, with total earnings of more than US$6 million. I feel like I’m going insane.

If you, like I, have found yourself banging your head against a brick wall in a desperate attempt to grasp exactly what a “non-fungible token” is, let these podcasts explain it to you.

NFTs Explained with Justin Maller‪
Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast

In which MKBDH gives us a TLDR on what exactly a NFT is. He also sits down with for an illuminating conversation with digital artist and Chief Creative Officer at DeviantArt Justin Maller. Who offers an insight on how NFTs have the potential to be a saving grave for digital artists.

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Sports Collectibles as an Investment w/ Ken Goldin and Danny Polishchuc‪k‬
Hard Money’s Million Dollar Podcast

Equal parts silly and informative. The Hard Money’s Million Dollar Podcast attempt to deconstruct the mythos of NFT through the time-honoured tradition of collecting sports cards.

The NFT Episode: How Logan Paul made $5 million selling ai‪r
The Colin and Samir Show

A good podcast to listen to if you’re the kind of person that likes to consume content that makes your blood boil with annoyance. Colin and Samir sit down with a bunch of experts to explore the NFT phenomenon. They also delve into how Logan Paul made $5,000,000 selling his own NFT’s.

NFT buy sell digital art no‪w‬
Good Point Podcast

In which Good Point Podcast pose the two most important questions: 1) are NFTs cool 2) are they here to stay?

NFTs Explained: How Digital Art Is Being Sold For Millions and What the Opportunities Ar‪e‬
My First Million

Honestly, I spent most of this podcast zoning out and trying to find dupe Margiela tabi’s on AliExpress — which is indicative of a podcast that is probably good and informative. The Hustle’s My First Million podcast aims to equip audiences with the tools and skills to turn pipe dreams into a reality.

This episode offers a breakdown of how artists like Eminem shows like Rick and Morty have created that’ll be sold as NFTs;