If we were to anthropomorphise various vehicles on our roads, you would assume that oBikes and Teslas would get along just fine, what with both of them gloating about how good they are for the environment and tutting at the V8 trucks roaring by, guzzling and choking fuel everywhere.

But no, it would appear that, aided only by a gust of wind, a yellow oBike rolled down Margaret Street in Sydney last month, and smashed into both a BMW and a Tesla – as if starring in a wacky insurance ad or something.

Pia Peterson, who owns the damaged Tesla, is suing oBike for $6,000 in damages. As she tells the SMH, the bikes are a hazard to the community.

“It was a rogue oBike. It did extensive damage to our Tesla and scared our driver who thought he had hit someone, but thankfully the oBike did not have a passenger on it.”

Despite bringing legalities into this, Peterson doesn’t even believe the company are operating within the bounds of the law.

“It’s ridiculous to me that a foreign company can come into the country and not abide by the standard laws.

“They don’t have an Australian headquarters, which means there is no way for the police to force them to abide by the road laws.”

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