The Ocean Party have been making brilliant albums for some time now, and they’re not slowing down: their sixth studio release,Restless, continues on from whereLight Weightleft off last year.

Their distinctive crisp, jangly guitar chord sound remains, as do the introspective takes on the state of modern Australia. It’s a formula that works for the band: it’s tried and true and difficult to argue with. It’s just too damn hard to find fault with a band that sounds as sharp as this.

The group ooze class, particularly in regards to their songwriting, and they seem to know exactly when to drop ever-so-slightly left of field instrumental bursts. ‘Teachers’ is full of lush synths, ‘Back Bar’ is a straight up summer vibe, and ‘Pressure’ is a bass-heavy work of art that proves as danceable as it is heartfelt.

Indeed, though The Ocean Party come across as singularly relaxed, they ensure that their writing remains ridiculously tight, and there’s never a point where they take the heat off enough for their cheese-wire taut melodies to slacken.

Ultimately, Restless is a solid collection of songs, each of the tunes unique and replete with their own compelling ideas and powerful melodies.

The Ocean Party’sRestlessis available now through Spunk.

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