If you’re a fan of pop-punk, then chances are As It Is’ new albumOkaywill hit the spot.

It’s the UK five-piece’s second full-length record after their debut in 2015 and they’ve pulled no punches when it comes to opening up in their lyrics this time around.

To the inattentive ear, it may seem like just another generic pop-punk record, but there are some real hidden gems to be found here – and it’s mainly down to the band’s honesty. Okay is raw and real, but still such a blast. Singer Patty Walters has described breaking down during the writing process and channelling it into the album, with the title track a picture of some of the most painful struggles with his mental state.

Okay also features a heartfelt, poignant apology to Walters’ older sister and a promise to make amends in ‘Dear Rachel’. It’s pretty textbook – just add fast and fun guitars, mix with angsty lyrics and sprinkle liberally with nostalgia – but why fix what ain’t broke?

My Chem, Simple Plan, All Time Low and Yellowcard have done it before, mastering the art of using clichés to connect with restless teenagers, and As It Is look to be heading in the same direction.

They’ve certainly come a long way since Never Happy, Ever After.

As It Is’Okayis available now through Fearless/Caroline.

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