An Aussie OnlyFans creator has warned her social media followers about the danger of buying a vape in Bali.

Annie Knight took to her TikTok account to share the recent traumatic experience she had where she felt like she had knives in her throat after buying and smoking a vape on a Bali beach.

“I you go to Bali, do not buy a dodgy vape off a guy on the beach ok,” she warned. “I did and it was the worst night of my whole life.”

@annieknight78 Nope never again #fyp #bali #vapingisbad #travel #story #storytime #seminyak #finns ♬ original sound – Annie Knight

Annie Knight explained that she was at Finn’s beach club when she was approached by a street vendor and asked if she wants to buy a vape. She said she originally said no but when she saw her friend vaping she decided to buy ont too.

“So the guy comes over and I wave him down and he comes over and he looks so stoned. like his eyes are bright red his walking around like this dunno why sirens didn’t go off like don’t get a vape for this guy?” She said.

The influencer said she paid around $18 for the vape.

“I take the vape and open it in front of him and he’s still standing there and I’m like that’s weird why’s he still standing there I’ve given him the money. anyways I’m opening the vape and he’s like oh ill take the rubbish for you again don’t know why I didn’t think that was a red flag.’

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“I start vaping all is well, I probably took like 20 puffs within the next few hours. we went out for dinner and it wasn’t until I sat down at dinner that I was like guys I’m really struggling to breathe, it hurts my lungs hurt. so I was like no more vaping, put that away stop it now.”

Annie Knight said that once she got home, the pain intensified, so much so that she considered going to hospital.

“So we go home and I’m lying in bed and I’m lying on my back and I’m like as soon as it gets more than halfway full my lungs it felt like there were knives in my lungs it was so painful.”

“I was Googling 911 in Bali, dodgy vape Bali, I couldn’t find anything … then I Googled lung disease … and then all this bad stuff started coming up saying take yourself to hospital, go to hospital right now, this is not normal.

“I’m like holy sh** what do I do?”

“I was in my bed stressing the whole night because I was scared to fall asleep because I thought I was going to die.”

However, Annie Knight says that her symptoms eased over night, and a few days later she felt completely normal again.

“I’m never vaping again, mark my words, never doing it again,” she said to conclude the video.

“It was not good, I thought I was actually going to die but it’s okay I’m here and I’ve been given a second chance, but I am not vaping again.”

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