Not everyone in the festival realm agrees that Fuzzy’s latest venture is the redefining party it purports to be.

Astral People and Yes Please were not impressed that Fuzzy announced their revamped festival the day before they were due to reveal their lineup for their own inner city boutique festival, OutsideIn. The organisers issued the following statement: “We are all for competition and companies bringing out new, interesting artists because at the end of the day why we do this is for the love of music… We’d rather people bring out these sort of artists than the same recycled acts year in and year out. It goes back to why we essentially started OutsideIn. To see others now blatantly rip off what we’re trying to do is not just an insult to us but more so an insult to the intelligence of patrons and music lovers alike. If you think that copying a logo and rebranding your festival is enough to win over fans then you’re sadly mistaken. Our fans know good music. At the end of the day we are confident that it’s what will always keep us a step ahead of the others no matter what sort of brand or name is thrown behind it.” That is why we can’t bring you the lineup for this year’s OutsideIn festival – yet.

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