This is the perfect way to top off the great yeehaw renaissance of 2019. Pigeons have been spotted sauntering around Las Vegas wearing tiny cowboy hats.

Las Vegas residence have sighted two debonair birds in a red and pink hat respectively. The swag-clad rat of the sky in the red has been dubbed Cluck Norris, and the minx in the pink Coolamity Jane.

Unfortunately, there’s a tragic side to this tale. It appears that the hats have been attached to pigeons with glue.

“He was shaking his head, trying to get the hat off. It’s definitely glue,” Mariah Hillman, co-founder of Lofty Hopes, a pigeon rescue, told The Post. “We either have to molt it off, which will take time, or have it removed.

 “The only thing that wouldn’t harm them is oil, which then makes him a grease pigeon — like the ones around McDonalds.”

Check out footage of the urban heroes below.

This isn’t the first instance of bizarre bird news we’ve dealt with this year. Back in July, good samaritans rescued an “exotic”, orange bird from the A41 in The UK.

The bird in question was taken directly to Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital where it was discovered that it was no exotic bird at all. Rather, a common seagull that had gotten themselves muddled up in a batch of turmeric.