In the spirit of meat-free Monday and the animal agriculture industry literally murdering the planet, Pizza Hut has unveiled a brand spanking new Vegan range.

It’s no half-pai Vegan menu ever, this is a fully-fledged, plant-based banquet. The fast-food stalwarts have unleashed four new pizzas, the Vegan Deluxe, Vegan Mediterranean, Vegan Cheese Lovers and Vegan Margherita.

The Vegan Deluxe features succulent pineapple, mushrooms, diced tomato, green capsicum and onion; The Mediterranean embraces olives, mushrooms, tomatoes and onion; The Margherita is built on a foundation of fresh tomato, garlic, and oregano — which is an affront to God because what kind of Margherita pizza does not have basil; and the Cheese Lovers features a shit tonne of Pizza Hut’s own vegan mozzarella on a tomatoey base.

Pizza Hut has also dropped a bunch of naughty side dishes. Vegans will now be able to indulge in cheesy garlic bread and cap their meal off with a vegan Cornetto. These new additions join Pizza Hut’s vegan garlic bread and spud bites.

You can suss the full vegan menu here.