Listen, we might produce a fortnightly print magazine (SPRUIK: the newest issue, available online here, hit the streets last week!) but that doesn’t mean we’re precious about what people do with copies of the mag. Sure, we’d love to think that people read every single word of every single issue, poring over the thing cover to cover and treating it like a holy record, but we know that as with any free print publication, people use our mags to: line their guinea pigs’ pen; wrap Christmas presents; and generally reuse and recycle our pages.

So we were particularly chuffed when our friends over at Australian institution Play School whipped out a copy of The BRAG adorned with Kirin J Callinan’s face and cut it up to form the nose cone of a rocket. Y0u can watch that episode of Play School, titled ‘Up, Up And Away’ here, and tbh, you should: not just because Kirin and us make an appearance, but because it is a banger, full of educational asides, craft activities, and the generally wholesome shenanigans that have made the show the staple of Australian programming.

Also, extra points that it’s Kirin’s face that makes the appearance on the show: might be the first time that a man famous for a song about drugs has ever shown up on Play School?

You can read the Callinan feature story of the BRAG that was so gloriously recycled into a rocket here, and you should, ’cause it’s all about Jimmy Barnes, and screaming, and general madness.

The next copy of the BRAG is hitting the streets on Wednesday November 29, with our friend and yours Thundercat on the front cover. Keep an eye out for it, won’t you mates? Also, while you’re at it, watch Callinan’s S.A.D. music video below:

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