If you captured to be crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the early hours of the morning, you’d have been forgiven for thinking you’d somehow stumbled into a rubbish Paul Hogan movie, as numerous police officers chased and apprehended what they referred to “a wayward wallaby” crossing the bridge.

Channel 7 reported it is thought that wallaby entered the bridge from the Cammeray Golf Course, via the Cahill Expressway and Macquarie Steet.

The wallaby was taken to Taronga’s Wildlife Intensive Care Unit shortly after 5am. The zoo released a statement, which reads:

“The animal was thoroughly assessed by Senior Veterinarian Dr Larry Vogelnest including a full body X-Ray which thankfully did not reveal any significant injuries. The wallaby has been administered pain medication and fluids and is currently in Taronga’s Wildlife Intensive Care Unit for recovery and further monitoring.”

Move over Syd, Ollie and Millie, we have a new mascot.

Check out footage, below.

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