Subway is one of those places where you can get practically anything your heart desires. Ham? Cheese? All the toppings? It’s up to you. What’s your typical order like?

Known globally for its amazing ability to smell the same in every country, Subway has been one of my go-to places for lunch for quite a while. Between the freshly baked bread that’s baked on site to the endless array of toppings available, it’s always been able to help squash whichever sandwich craving I’ve had.

Let’s just think of their options for a minute. First off, the smell of their bread has already lured you off the street and into their shop. Then, you can choose if you want a footlong or a 6″. A footlong of food for lunch? Count me in, honestly!

Then, as you shuffle along the counter, there is every sandwich topping imaginable just waiting to be plopped on top of your bread. You can choose the meats and cheeses, all the veggies, and the plethora of sauces. Additionally, there’s even an option to have it all toasted and melted together!

Typically, I’ll go for a Veggie Delite topped with as much cheese and avocado as possible, and smothered in that delectable Sweet Onion sauce, but it’s obvious that I don’t share the same opinion as everyone else. Oh, and I definitely can’t resist picking up a couple of their scrumptious chocolate chip cookies, either!

We’re curious as to what your typical Subway order looks like. Do you always get a turkey sub? Perhaps you fancy their meatball marinara or their roast beef? Maybe you like yours as plain as can be or think that smothering it in as much sauce as possible is the way to go? Take our poll and see how your Subway opinions shape up compared to others!

What’s your typical Subway order like?

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