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Potts Pointers! The Potts Point Hotel is giving away $50 vouchers

The Potts Point Hotel is giving away $50 vouchers to all those that want to be part of the family.

Potts Pointers! The Potts Point hotel is giving away $50 vouchers

The Potts Point Hotel is giving away $50 vouchers to all those that want to be part of the family.

In case you haven’t heard, we’re starting a newsletter dedicated to the ins and outs of all things Potts Point. The densely populated suburb that has provided a home for artists and bohemian layabouts for decades. Though not quite the stormy strip it once was, the suburb still brims with character.

We’re celebrating the suburb and all its mystique by teaming up with beloved watering hole Potts Point Hotel to give away $50 vouchers. There truly is no greater joy in this life than kicking back at their sunny alfresco dining area, slinging back a few spritzes and sharing a serving of their unbeatable (I mean this, best in the area) hot chips.

To score your free voucher, and to keep up with all things Potts Point, you’ll just need to head to the Potts Point Hotel website and fill in the “Join Our Family” form.

Over the next coupla weeks The Potts Point Hotel will be hosting a bunch of excellent live gigs in celebration of Great Southern Nights, check em out below.

The Potts Point Hotel will be hosting four gigs that are destined to be most excellent, check em out below.

Marvell ft Synthetic Love Machine
8 pm, Friday, November 6th

Marvell are a celebration of all things rock ‘n’ roll. The Sydney five-piece have found their perfect blend of the storytelling of classic rock, married with soaring pop melodies. They’ll be hitting the stage at Potts Point Hotel on Friday, November 6th.

Drac Hammond
8 pm, Friday, November 11th

Elliot Hammond is a stalwart in the Australian music scene. He’s cut his teeth drumming for Wolfmother and as the frontman for Sydney outfit The Delta Riggs. Now he’s set to premiere his latest creative project, Drac Hammond. The evening is set to be a celebration of his debut single ‘New Sensation’. You’ll also be treated to a handful of originals and other cover magic.

Tiarnie ft Pearl The Girl & The Tints
8 pm, Friday, November 20th

Tiarnie unleashed her stunning debut EP Consistently Inconsistent back in February. An EP that proved she’s a storyteller force to be reckoned with. Melding confessional lyricism akin to Liz Phair with her unique Australiana-inflected indie-pop, Tiarne weaves tales of all the trials and tribulations of a woman in her early 20’s.

Fripps & Fripps
8 pm, Friday, November 27th

Cronulla natives Fripps & Fripps are a guaranteed good time. On Friday, November 29th, they’ll bring a taste of chaos to the cross with their signature brand of sun-soaked indie pop. It’s loose-as music just beckoning for a beer-drenched beach rat to spit a “yeewwww” in ya ear.