In the quest for tasty yet budget-friendly dinner options, Providoor’s new gourmet frozen meal delivery emerges as the wallet-saving hero you didn’t know you needed. 

Each dish is created by a lineup of culinary experts, like George Colambaris, Gary Mehigan, Christine Manfield, Silvia Colloca and Manu Fiedel. Then, it’s prepared in Providoor’s impressive Sydney kitchens, using the best quality ingredients. 

No more last-minute grocery store runs and tedious meal prepping – now, all you have to do is pick a meal, heat it up, and enjoy. The best part? We’re extending an exclusive 30% off to our readers. Simply use code 9PROVIDOORFRIENDS30 at checkout to seize this limited-time offer and try gourmet meals at an unbeatable price.

Here, find five delicious Providoor frozen dishes, all priced under $10 per person after applying the exclusive 30% discount. 

1. Taco Party Pack – $70, serves 6

$8.16 per person after 30% off discount

Indulge in a fiesta of flavours with Justin Narayan’s Taco Party Pack. Priced at $70 for six people, each person’s share comes down to a wallet-friendly $8.16 after applying the exclusive 30% discount. Enjoy the vibrant medley of Mexican and Indian ingredients, with pulled lamb, pulled pork, sweet potato, chilli and coriander chutney and tomatillo salsa.

2. Classic Italian Family Lasagne – $38, serves 4  

$6.65 per person after 30% off discount

This is about as delicious a traditional lasagne gets. Featuring layers of fresh pasta and slow cooked beef ragu, this dish can be shared with the family for just $38 for four people, each serving is a mere $6.65 post-discount. Rich and savoury, created by the Lasagna-queen Silvia Colloca, this lasagne brings the taste of Italy straight to your dining table without breaking the bank. 

3. Spicy Diavola Pizza – $22, serves 2 

$7.70 per person after 30% off discount

Experience the fiery kick of Silvia Colloca’s Spicy Diavola Pizza. At $22 for two people, this g0-to pizza becomes an even more tempting $7.70 per person after the exclusive 30% discount. Get stuck into the perfect blend of Italian sausage and fermented chillies. 

4. Middle Eastern Style Lamb Kofta with Sugo – $25, serves 2 

$8.75 per person after 30% off discount

Created by Gary Mehigan, made fresh in the Providoor kitchen, this Lamb Kofta will transport your taste buds straight to the Middle East. Priced at $25 for two people, each serving costs just $8.75 after applying the exclusive discount. Who says you can’t indulge in an aromatic blend of spices and succulent lamb for a regular midweek meal? 

5. Coconut Beetroot Curry – $24, serves 2 

$8.40 per person after 30% off discount

For a vegetarian delight, delve into Christine Manfiel’s gorgeous Coconut Beetroot Curry. Inspired by the sweet earthiness of beetroot, with a subtle spike of green chilli. At $24 for two people, each portion costs a pocket-friendly $8.40 after the exclusive 30% discount. 

Ready to have a taste? Use code 9PROVIDOORFRIENDS30 at checkout. 

Remember, this code is a one-time treat per person, valid until Midnight on December 31, 2023. It cannot be combined with any other promotions, and the discount value cannot surpass $500. It’s time to redefine your dining experience – Providoor style.