International airline Qatar Airways has come for Qantas, claiming that the carrier is unfairly treating Australian passengers.

Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways chief executive has claimed that Qantas has “more than doubled the price” of airfares, and is taking advantage of its passengers. It’s requested that the Australian federal government doubles the allowance of flights it is allowed into the country, which currently sits at 28 a week.

“The largest operator in Australia (Qantas) has cut its flights to 50 per cent of pre-Covid level, more than doubled the price of the fares to the Australian people in the benefit of the shareholders,” he told Sky News.

Al Baker added that he believes Qatar airlines is unfairly treated, and that some other airlines have been allowed up to 150 flights a week to Australia.

Aviation analyst Neil Hansfordof has claimed that Qatar isn’t worried about Australians’ ability to travel or the price they pay but instead, about increasing their own business and revenue.

“Qatar Airways is totally owned by the government of Qatar, which is one of the largest natural gas producers in the world,” Hansford told Nine News.

“So it wasn‘t as if they had the pressure of shareholders (during the pandemic).

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“They will do what‘s good for Qatar, and they will take every opportunity to provide more service.”

The slander from Qatar Airways has added to an already grim month for Qantas. Just last week, they won Choice Australia’s Shonky award – which recognises the worst of the worst products and services taking advantage of Australians.

Choice awarded the airline the undesirable award and dubbed them “the spirit of disappointment” over their high prices, frequent cancellations, travel credits and long wait times.

“If there was ever a company that appeared to deliberately be going out of its way to win a Shonky award, it’s Qantas,” CHOICE travel expert Jodi Bird said.

“People are still paying premium prices to fly Qantas but it’s clear from the complaints we’ve heard, they’re not getting a premium service.”

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