With their relatable plots and light-hearted comedy, rom-com has some of the best movies to kick back and watch on a lazy afternoon. How well do you know the genre?

Rom-com movies seem to focus a lot on love, as do many of the genres viewers. For those going through heartbreak, or others who fancy a night in dreaming about love, rom-coms serve as a small escape into another persons love story.

Each storyline typically plants two people who are seemingly well-matched in one way or another. Whether the love has to grow, or perhaps rekindle, each plot follows the two lovers as they take their journey through finding love and romance.

Between Allie and Noah in The Notebook, Melanie and Jake in Sweet Home Alabama, Rick and Ilsa in Casablanca, and Tracy Lord and C.K. Dexter Haven in The Philadelphia Story, the couples paired through rom-coms always go through certain troubles before typically being united with their crush.

Whether the two hated each other to begin with, perhaps were past lovers but suffered through a divorce, or are just finding love for the first time, each rom-com invites the viewer into the most intimate details of the lovers lives and allows them to root for them to come out as a couple.

Although each movie seems to follow a similar plot, the genre thrives with many hit movies making millions at the box office. With a relatable story line that many viewers have experienced at least one aspect of before, it’s no wonder that the movies remain successful.

So, do you fancy yourself the master of this genre? Rom-coms are noted as being movies with the highest re-watch rate, and being easy to follow movies, so how well do you know your rom-coms?

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Do you know your rom-coms?

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