Over the course of 10 seasons, Friends had a plethora of clever lines, including the famous, “WE WERE ON A BREAK!” Can you figure out who said each line?

Debuting in 1994, American sitcom Friends aired on NBC for a total of 10 years. Featuring 10 different seasons in a total of 236 episodes, the show followed the lives of six friends living in close quarters right in the heart of New York City.

The show mainly has two sets, the local coffee shop aptly named Central Perk and the casts two large apartments that would probably cost an arm and a leg, yet all of them can magically afford to live there besides not having the best of jobs (not bitter, obviously).

Throughout the 10 marvellous seasons of the show, the viewer gets to follow the characters as they try to make it through their lives as 20-somethings. While Rachel tries to figure out how to live without the financial support of her parents, Joey is trying to make it as an actor.

When Ross is navigating through a traumatic divorce, Chandler is continually trying to shake an ex girlfriend. Then, you’ve got Phoebe serving as a consistent comic relief, and Monica going through issue after issue in the pursuit of love.

Honestly, throughout its 10 running years, it has claimed itself to be one of the most rewatchable shows to date. With nearly all of us being able to quote a line or two, and knowing Rachel and Ross’ story by heart, it’s no surprise that we’re keen as for the long-awaited reunion show.

Between the witty comebacks of Chandler, Joey’s adorable ignorance, Ross’ repetitive annoyances, alongside Phoebe’s esoteric ways, Rachel figuring life out, and Monica’s excessiveness, we wonder if you can figure out who said each famous line. Take our quiz to find out!

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Who said these lines from Friends?

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