Whether you have a full paddock or just a couple of pot plants in your room, taking refuge in nature during lockdown has been a growing activity for everyone.

I’ve always been more of an indoors person; school sport was the bane of my existence and I much rather be inside reading books than in the great outdoors. So, it really surprised me when I decided to start a herb garden during this lockdown when I truly prefer being inside more than anything.

But boy have I become an outdoor green thumb. I currently have 10 plants growing and experimenting with growing leftover avocado pits (how else will I save up to buy a house?).

Gardening has so many benefits and it’s had an increase in popularity during the world’s different stages of lockdown. More people are at home so they can tend to their garden and reap the benefits.

Not only does it produce fresh air, food, and flowers, it is a fun form of exercise and even promotes healthy mental health and sleep! Queensland Health relates gardening to a form of meditation as it can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The other big element that’s great is it’s so easy to start! You don’t even have to buy seeds or plants, just start with the end of some spring onions or a lettuce. Put the roots in water for a couple days and plant in the ground!

Trust me, you’ll catch the gardening bug in no time once you start seeing your garden flourish before your eyes.

While I’m not at the singing to my plants to make them grow stage, I can see it coming. Are you jumping on the bandwagon like me? Or are you happy just watching from afar? Either way, take the quiz to see how much of a lockdown green thumb you are?

How much of a lockdown green thumb are you?