With the launch of Rainbow Six Extraction upon us, we chat with the game’s Creative Director to find out how he plans to win you over.

You’re slowly creeping your way down a deserted corridor when all of a sudden, you hear something. In mere seconds what started out as a simple rescue mission turns to absolute chaos. Dangerous alien foes start flanking you from every corner, leaving you no choice but to smash a hole in a nearby wall and make a hasty escape before you’re taken out as well.

There’s always next, time, right?

Such an experience is commonplace in Rainbow Six Extraction – the latest release from Ubisoft Montreal which combines the running and gunning of your typical shooter experience with the deep strategy and cooperation of a Rainbow Six title.

It’s also deeply linked to the hugely successful Rainbow Six Siege – which has been winning over games for more than five years now.

“In 2018, there was a 3-week co-op event in Siege that had operators up against an alien outbreak in New Mexico,” recalls Patrik Méthé, Creative Director on Rainbow Six Extraction. “When we started discussions about doing a full-fledged co-op game in the R6 universe, we entertained different scenarios and concepts but, as the event was a big success within the community, we quickly decided that we had something special to build on. Taking on an alien threat, gave us more flexibility, in terms of in-game challenges and game design that we could make for the players.”

Extraction builds upon that foundation and then greatly expands upon it. The final game has 18 Rainbow Six operators to choose from, as well as 12 uniquely designed maps set in four regions across the US. To help keep things even fresher, each mission will randomise your three objectives and the types of threats you face.

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What we’re trying to say is that even if you’re confident with Siege, Extraction is a whole new beast.

Learn about the gameplay of ‘Rainbow Six Extraction ‘below:

“For the Siege fans, since they are experts in the Siege environment, they will have an easier time onboarding and understanding basic game mechanics,” confirms Méthé. “They will also quickly realize how different Extraction is, in terms of the experience and overall game design.

We also wanted newcomers to the universe, and with a PVE style of game, it would be an easier entry point for them. Just to get to hop online and play with some friends against a common threat makes Extraction a more enticing game to play and have fun with.”

Speaking of threats, Extraction has plenty of them – dubbed Archæans. They can range from Slenderman-looking grunts, to hugely mobile creates that explode dangerous gas upon impact. Walk into an encounter too confidently and even one of these foes can overwhelm you.

According to Méthé, the development team wanted to ensure each Archæan challenges players in different ways and force you and your squad to utilise your whole arsenal to succeed.

“Depending on the type of enemies you’re facing, you’ll need to adapt your team strategy as there is not one solution, but many different ones that could lead to success,” says the Creative Director. “It’s up to you and your team to find out which ones work the best for you.”

Get deep into the game and you’ll eventually unlock Maelstrom Protocol. Available to all players after playing a handful of hours of the game, Méthé belives it is the ultimate Extraction experience. “…It will push players to their limits and offers an incredible playground to challenge yourself and improve your skills, both individually and as a team.

“I’m eager to see top players streaming their prowess and hopefully help the general community to improve as a whole, to climb the score-based class ranks within the mode!”

Out today for PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, XBO and PC, Rainbow Six Extraction is a hell of a good time if you’ve been looking to jump into a cooperative experience with your friends (though the game can be played solo should you wish).

“We are THE tactical co-op shooter,” Méthé boldy claims. “If you want a game that rewards not only skill, but also proper planning, recon, coordination and clever use of gadgets and abilities, Extraction is definitely the game you’re looking for.”

With confidence like that, we’d sure as hell want him on our team.

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