We’ve had our hands on Razer’s Leviathan V2 and Viper V2 Pro for a few weeks now, but are they worth adding to your gaming setup?

When it comes to gaming hardware, Razer is one of the most beloved brands around – with a slew of quality products ranging from gaming chairs, to peripherals, to even fashion. And now, just as our side of the globe starts embracing the winter chill, Razer only seems to be warming up, dropping two of its biggest hardware releases of 2022 so far: the Razer Leviathan V2 and the Razer Viper V2 Pro. We’ve had our hands on both, so are they worthy investments?

Let’s jump to the Leviathan V2 first, which is the long-awaited upgrade for Razer’s computer sound bar. Priced at AU$409.95 (although savvy online shoppers can knock upwards of $100 off that price), this is a serious investment aimed at a hardcore audience looking for beefy sound but sleek aesthetics. As should be expected then, the Leviathan V2 nails both those elements. We love the simple and clean design that should help maximise desk space by slotting under your average monitor. Even Razer’s signature RGB lightning is well-implemented, neatly shining underneath the base of the unit.

When it comes to sound, the Leviathan V2 shines even brighter, and was more than capable of any job we threw at it. Thanks to the included subwoofer you’ll place on the floor, bass boomed without distortion from a number of music tracks, and we got an impressively well-rounded, detailed soundscape as we threw on the latest episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi and played around with spatial audio settings. Even better is that thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, we were even able to hook up our Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT record player to stellar results.

Where things will become slightly undone is the lack of 3.5mm and optical audio inputs, meaning you can’t connect the Leviathan V2 to your TV or wired headset. This is strictly a PC-focused device, so if that multi-purpose functionality is a deal-breaker you may want to look elsewhere. Outside of that we’ve been thoroughly impressed thus far.

The same can also be said for the Viper V2 Pro – the mouse that is literally as heavy as a tennis ball. That fact might sound stage to some, but for hardcore audiences looking for the lightest mouse around (minimising strain but maximising movements), this 55g wonder should tick a lot of boxes.

Despite being designed for eSports, we enjoyed the noise plenty fine, and enjoyed how smoothly the unit flicked around our mousepad. Despite stripping out some dead weight, you’ve still got two programmable side buttons that provide flexibility no matter what you’re playing.

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While there’s plenty to love though, our favourite features are without question the battery life (around 80 hours) and an improved sensor that will let you track on glass surfaces. For those who travel, that last fact is massive and avoids you having to try and make mousepads out of hotel pamphlets.

The biggest hurdle here is the price, because the Viper V2 Pro will set you back $259.95. For a lot of gamers, that’s a steep price of entry, especially considering the lack of RGB functionality or an abundance of buttons. What we can say is that much like the Leviathan V2, if you have the money to spend it’s a quality investment that’ll give your gaming setup one hell of a leg up.

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