After HSC results and ATAR scores were sent out across the country, you may have found yourself with a score lower than you were hoping for. Even though it may feel like it, a low ATAR is not the end of the world. With multiple options for higher education available such as The College at Western Sydney University, it’s important to remember your ATAR does not determine your future.

Here are some great words of advice and ATAR reactions from Twitter to help remind you of this!

This person who really understands the process of HSC better than all of us.

Todd Sampson’s reminder that HSC isn’t everything employers care about.

This inspiring message from a teacher to her students.

This friendly reminder that you are more than your ATAR score.

This writer who didn’t get their desired ATAR but now has their work used in HSC exams.

This reminder that it’s just “a pointless number”.

This incredibly poignant reminder that one of Australia’s prime ministers left school at the age of 14.

This doctor who just wants to remind us all that it truly doesn’t matter!

Finally, this tweet that calls your ATAR score a “blip on the radar of the rest of your life.”

No matter what your ATAR score is, there are always options for you to further your education after high school if you choose. Whilst studying at university can be a daunting prospect, The College at Western Sydney University has a mix of 12 and 16 month diploma courses available for anyone who didn’t get the necessary score for their desired course.

The College at Western Sydney University offers students opportunities to study diplomas in all of the following fields:

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Communication and Design
  • Construction, Engineering and Building Design Management
  • Information and Communications Technology, and Health Information Management
  • Health Science and Nursing
  • Science
  • Social Science, Policing and Criminal Justice

Whether you just didn’t get your desired score at the end of the year or never finished school, The College has pathways for anyone to continue their higher education, and offers opportunities for anyone to continue their studies further into the second year of their chosen degree after their 12 month diploma.

If you didn’t quite get the result you’re after, or you’re considering your options, make sure you check out the wide range of quality education pathways that The College at Western Sydney University has on offer.

For more information and to apply for enrolment, visit their website.